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FrumandFit.com: Nutrition & Exercise Advice for Orthodox Jews

A site dedicated to helping orthodox Jews reach their health and fitness goals in a supportive non-judgmental environment.   

FrumandFit.com: Nutrition & Exercise Advice for Orthodox Jews

This site was developed by an orthodox Jew and ACSM-Certified Personal Trainer who has struggled his whole life with his weight, his self-image, and his own dietary challenges, but who could never find the information he needed as a frum Jew to make informed choices regarding exercise and kosher nutrition, or the support he needed to commit to those choices.


In this age of technological bombardment and constant social and financial pressures, maintaining one’s health and keeping fit is often difficult, and as a frum Jew, it’s even more challenging – Shabbat and Yom Tov meals, family smachot, communal and familial responsibilities, and religious obligations – these events should be a joy, not a source of anxiety because you can’t figure out how to survive the calorie overload.


Frum & Fit.com was created for every frum Jew who, in addition to striving for excellence in their spiritual life, has decided that maintenance and/or improvement of their physical being is equally as important – both neshamah and guf are necessary to serve Hashem. 


You’ll find everything you need on this site to help you get to where you want to be – healthy recipes, nutritional guidance, exercise tips and ideas, helpful articles, and motivational stories. 


It’s time to devote as much energy to the pursuit of a healthy physical being, as we do the acquisition of good middot and the study of Torah.  “V’nishmartem me’od l’nafshoteichem” – “but you should take great care for your souls” (Deuteronomy 4:15). With Hashem’s help, may we all continually endeavor to become a true “light to the nations”.


Be the best you can be – body and soul!


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