All recipes on this site are provided by you and for you, the valued members of the Frum & Fit community.  Anyone can submit a recipe, as long as it’s a) generally “healthy” (see below), and b) strictly adheres to all laws of kashrut.  Additionally, the use of these recipes and the submission of your own recipe(s) are subject to Frum &’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy


So what constitutes a “healthy” recipe?  Each recipe should adopt the following basic premises:


   1.  Unprocessed ingredients are generally healthier than processed ingredients;

   2.  Whole grain carbohydrates are healthier than refined/processed carbohydrates; and

   3.  Polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats are healthier than saturated fat.


Additionally, a good rule of thumb when adding fat/oil to a recipe is that – unless the recipe is designed to provide a portion of healthy fats (see point 3 above) – fats should be kept as close to or less than 10% of the total calories for that recipe.


In essence, the closer the recipe provides nourishment to that found in nature – as Hashem has provided (heated as necessary, of course) – the healthier it is. 


Don’t worry about providing the nutritional breakdown of each recipe – we’ll do that for you.  Just click here to complete a recipe application form and we’ll do the rest.