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Frum &’s favorite sites for nutrition and exercise


Here you can find some of Frum &’s favorite sites for nutrition and exercise. If you know of any other great links you’d like to share with the Frum & Fit community, please e-mail Please note, Frum & does not necessarily endorse any of these sites and has not been remunerated to list these links.




Caloric Intake Calculator – Comprehensive page to help you calculate your required caloric intake. – Easy site to calculate your required caloric intake. Plenty of other useful body composition calculators here too.


The Glycemic Index (for diabetics and others looking to control their blood sugar)


Kosher Health Products


EXERCISE – Great exercises, great workouts, focuses on functional fitness. – Best scheme we’ve found to increase the number of pull-ups you can do. It’s hard work, but if you stick with it, it works. – Easy site to calculate your maximum muscular bodyweight (also includes a measurements calculator)




The following is a link to the Morningside Recovery website, an addiction and mental health treatment center founded in 2001 to give clients the tools to achieve sobriety and healthfully function through a supervised, open treatment model.  The link was sent to me by Andrew at an afterschool program in Colorado Springs, and includes a large selection of calculators for body composition, fitness, health, nutrition and general consumption: